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Ken Edwards butterfly knob

Ken Edwards Tile - Flor Azul Drawer Knob

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The charming tiny blue flower motif on this knob is truly one of a kind and representative of the distinctive Ken Edwards style.  This knob is perfect accent for your cabinets or drawers in any room in the house, either alone, or mixed with the other knobs in the collection.  Mexican Tile Designs is proud to carry an exclusive line of collectible Ken Edwards art tiles, knobs, and murals in both the Traditional line and the new Collection line of extremely intricate designs featuring hummingbirds, fish and other animals. Ken Edwards was one of the pioneers of high-fire techniques for making stoneware in Mexico?in the 1950s and 1960s. His stoneware dishes in beautiful bird motifs in both lines are instantly recognizable and renowned the world over. Mexican Tile Designs is also able to source Ken Edwards stoneware dishes in both lines upon request. These amazing pieces of art will add an unmistakable flair and quality to any decorating project.
part # 80086

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