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Bathroom, hallway or bedroom flooring

Bathroom, Hallway or Bedroom Flooring

Mexican Tile Designs carries a full line of Mexican Floor Tiles/Pavers suitable for bedroom, hallway or bedroom flooring.

All floor tiles are high-fired, built for durability and timeless beauty that only Mexican Tile can provide.

  • All tiles are 100% authentic, handcrafted in Mexico.
  • All tiles are highest quality
  • All tiles are available in unfinished and finished.
  • All tiles are available in many colors, shapes and sizes.

We offer 8 different collections of Floor Tiles

Traditional Mission Colonial Saltillo Floor Pavers

There is nothing that adds Old World charm to any room like red clay Traditional Saltillo floor pavers. These tiles bring warmth and a mediterranean or Old Mexico ambiance to any room in your home: kitchen, dining/living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Super Saltillo Floor Pavers

These tiles are equally gorgeous as Traditional pavers and give the same warm look, but have slightly rounded edges instead of the hand cut edges.

Mexican Saltillo Floor Tile Pattern Sets

All our Saltillo tiles come in various shapes and sizes. Pattern Sets are shaped tiles that when put together form various patterns. These sets are created with any of the following: squares, rectangles, hexagons, octagons and many other shapes.

Tierra Art Premium Mexican decorative floor tiles

Tierra Art tiles are just like our colorful and exquisite Prima ceramic raised relief decorative tiles, but especially made for floors. They have a non-slip finish and can be customized in color and pattern to fit your unique needs and desires.

Mexican Saltillo Kitchen Coping tile

Kitchen coping are Saltillo tiles specially made to fit around the corners of interior low walls (pony walls), bartops, and other applications.

Saltillo Mexican Flooring Stair Treads

Saltillo stairways are incredibly effective for adding ambiance and charm to any home. See our entire selection of Saltillo stair treads and choose the perfect color and finish to make your staircase the centerpiece of your home.


These Tiles are great for adding protection and decoration to the baseboards of any floor whether the flooring is Saltillo pavers, Tierra Art Tiles, or even a stained concrete floor. Also called Mop Boards, these tiles protect walls from a wet mop or being bumped by a vacuum cleaner.

Decorative Floor Trim

Decorative floor trim adds interest and flair to any tile floor. Add a decorative edge, division, or centerpiece to any Saltillo floor with decorative Saltillo trim. See our photo gallery for ideas.

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Mexican Tile Designs carries a full line of Mexican Floor Tiles/Pavers suitable for flooring in any room of your house or business.