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CLEARANCE - Pencil Trim 1x4 Azul Medio

CLEARANCE - Pencil Trim 1x4 Azul Medio


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Our trim tile in the Traditional Talavera line is a hand-made and hand-painted rustic tile that matches our entire solid color Traditional tile and coordinates with the colors in our Traditional decorative tile in all both finishes: lustrous, and washed (deslavado). Trim tile adds the ultimate touch to your project, perfectly finishing and defining each edge. Craftsman families in Mexico carefully make each piece. This line of tile has a special colonial or folk-art quality that is perfect for many projects including indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathroom, patios, stairs and more. Traditional Talavera tile is made with two kinds of reddish clay, rolled and cut by hand like dough, then fired in a mesquite kiln. This process gives each tile the slight irregularities that impart that special antique, folk-art look. You can see why each tile is really an individual work of art that will add lasting beauty and warmth to your home.

Quarter round trim is a versatile trim piece that provides a raised rounded edge to any tile project. 
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