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SIGMA Seal Topical Sealer Finish

SIGMA Seal Topical Sealer Finish

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Sigma Seal is a sealer designed for salt water pool hardscapes, and harsher, outdoor environments where sunlight and salt spray are considerations.

Surfaces: stone,tile, grout, flagstone, concrete, brick, and quarry tiles are easily protected from exterior elements such as rain, sun, salt water and salt spray.


Water resistance: Greater than 72 hours exposure*

Oil resistance: 72 hours exposure to cooking oils, butter, etc.*

Resists common household cleaning products including ammonia, vinegar, aliphatic solvents and thinners, alcohols, detergents, etc.

Color: Sigma Seal will enhance and deepen existing colors. Degree of enhancement is dependent upon the porosity of the substrate.

Coverage: Dependent upon porosity of the substrate. Typical coverage on most surfaces varies between 400 and 800 square feet per gallon.

Oil based (solvent reduced): Penetration and adhesion greater than most waterborne/water reduced sealers.

Dry time: Depending upon temperature, humidity, ventilation, coating thickness and porosity of the substrate, anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours.

Temperature: Best if applied between 50 and 90 F. (10 C) min.

Hardness: Varies according to film thickness and temperature. Passes #2 pencil. Hard yet flexible so as to resist delamination common with wood urethanes, epoxies, etc.

Contra-indications: Not recommended for wood surfaces. Do not use over fluoropolymers, silane or siloxane containing products.

Preparation of substrate: Surfaces must be clean and dry and free of wax or detergent residues or existing sealers. The use of powdered acids to clean and prepare a substrate are not recommended they can interfere with a sealer. Best to use Sparks Brick & Tile Cleanrer, then a clear rinse. If applying to existing salt water pool, rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water to remove existing salt. Allow for complete drying. Not for use on sand set projects. Allow for no rain forecast for 2 days following application.

Application: Soft bristle brushes, foam rubber brushes, paint pads or lambs wool applicator. Rollers are not recommended. Allow complete drying of previous coat before re-application. Hand pump sprayers may be used by professional installers. High pressure and high shear sprayers should be avoided. Multiple very thin coats only. Additional precautions regarding health are recommended, such as respirators, eye protection and protective clothing and gloves. A yearly coat may be necessary in some outdoor environments.

Provide adequate ventilation during application and dry time.

* Sigma Seal is designed to handle intermittent exposure to water and oils, and not designed for constant exposure.

Part 50004
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