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Porcelain Prima Mexican Tile - Jardin

Porcelain Prima Mexican Tile - Jardin

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Our exquisite raised-relief decorative Prima tile in porcelain provides the perfect solution for cold climate tile projects. Porcelain tile do not absorb water so there is no concern with these tile being affected by freezing weather. These textured delightful tiles are sometimes referred to as Malibu tile or Santa Barbara tile. Our Prima porcelain tile are perfect for pools, fountains, outdoor stair risers and outdoor kitchens. Use them as a top and bottom border to wainscoting, around bathroom and kitchen counters, to outline a wall or mural, around a barbecue, or as a stunning border around fountains and pools and almost anywhere else your want to add a delightful textured touch of color and design. Every tile is truly an individual work of art that will add lasting beauty and warmth to your home.
part # 30609


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