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SALE! Washed Cobalt blue ceramic tile

Sale! Especial Mexican Tile - Azul Medio Noche (Washed)

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Take advantage of our overstock!  This beautiful solid washed cobalt blue Especial Ceramic Tile is a hand-made and hand-painted high temperature-fired tile carefully created by craftsman families in Mexico. The "Washed" technique gives the tile an gorgeous inconsistent, blue like a cloudy midnight sky. Especial Ceramic tile is fired in a high temperature kiln. It is hand painted but a bit more refined and much stronger than rustic Talavera clay tile.  It is perfect for many projects including indoor and outdoor (where it does not freeze): kitchens, barbecues, bathroom, patios, stairs and more. Each tile is really an individual work of art that will add lasting beauty and warmth to your home.
part #20721

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