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Super Rojo Saltillo Mexican Floor Paver

SKU: 10398

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What happens when you make Saltillo far from the city of Saltillo Mexico? You get a floor paver with a wonderful copper hue that when finished turns a deep rust color. Mexican Tile Designs also carries a complete line of handcrafted Saltillo Mexican terra cotta floor pavers. Super Saltillo Floor Pavers are like classic Saltillo but have rounded edges. They come in 2 different sizes. These rustic clay floor tiles add a warm hue and old world ambiance like no other. Super Saltillo also come in a glazed version.

SKU# 10398 

NOTE: Mexican Tile Designs maintains only the highest standards of quality control, however due to the handcrafted nature of all of our products, lots may vary in size and color. There is no guarantee that tiles from separate shipments will match those from original orders. The incomparable beauty of these products comes from the fact that each tile is made by hand by artisans, not mass-produced by a factory machine.

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