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Hand Painted Ceramic Knob - Capuchina Azul

Hand Painted Ceramic Knob - Capuchina Azul

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Hand Painted Ceramic Knob - Capuchina Azul

These beautiful decorative pattern Capuchina Azul knobs are the perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or dresser. Colors and designs for these knobs are based on colors and designs found in our Especial tile line. Now you can coordinate your cabinet knobs with your backsplash and countertop tile. This decorative pattern matches our 20469 Capuchina Azul decorative tiles. Our knobs are made to US standards and use a standard 8-32 cabinet hardware screw. (Most Mexican made knobs come with a threaded shaft that protrudes through the cabinet door which can cause serious injury. We have eliminated this possibility and brought these knobs to U.S. standards.)  

The knobs measure 1 1/2" in diameter and stand 1" high.

The 8-32 cabinet screw length should be the thickness of the cabinet door or drawer face plus 1/4".

SKU # 20648

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