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Name: Lara
From:  Indianapolis, IN
Date: 5/09/18
Thank you so much for assisting me through my three rounds of Mexican Tile Design orders.  I L-O-V-E the Talavera raised tile we’ve settled on and think it will be the perfect star of our fireplace mantle project as well as our whole living room.  I can’t wait to send pictures later this year when we’re done!

Name: Kat
From: North Hollywood, CA
Date: 4/16/18
I purchased  tile from you back in August for my kitchen remodel.The kitchen has been done for a few moths now and I wanted to send you pictures. My whole house (inside & out) has a Day of the Dead theme, so the tile went perfectly! I absolutely love the way it turned out and we get so many compliments.
The kitchen makes me so happy every time I walk into the house.

Name: Jeff and Katy
From: Oregon
Date: 3-12-18
Thank you so much for all the communication and allowances. So far you and your company have been the most kind and pleasurable experience throughout our little project. You wouldn't believe how hard is is to find good work and companies in Portland. Everyone is so busy that you feel like your an afterthought for most contractors. I would definitely recommend you to our friends. I'll send some pics when the project is finished,

Name: Cathy
From: Connecticut
Date: 12/12/17
I love, love, love the tiles. I'm so looking forward to putting them in my new walk-in shower!
And, looking forward to my next project using your tiles.   Thank you!

 Name: Luigi
From: Italy
Date: 10/8/17

Good morning

I asked my niece to pay for the sink with Pay Pal and this morning she arranged it for me and everything went well. I want to thank you once again for being so kind and above all so patient with me, really thank you very much !!! Give my regards also to Sergio who has been just as kind, greetings to both!

 Name: Amy
From: Tucson, AZ
Date:  9/15/17
Review: All of the tiles I have been ordering from your company are GORGEOUS! Thank you for all your help.

Name: Sara
From: Chicago, IL
Date:  8/10/17
Review: Thank you for your great guidance and help!

Name: Shanda
Name: Meagan
From: San Diego, CA
Date:  7/10/17
Thank you! 
My experience with you and everyone else has been wonderful! Such a great company!!

Name: Shanda
From: Herriman, UT
Date:  7/6/17
Thank you SO MUCH for all your help!  I really appreciate all of your help!  You have been GREAT to work with, and your website is very informative!  If we are ever wanting tile like this in the future I know where we'll come!  THANKS AGAIN!

Name: Carol
From: Fairfield, IA
Date:  6/9/17
Thank you! Already received the little box of tiles today! They will be going in today.
Really appreciate your extra effort to get these to me.
I will send pictures when the kitchen is all done in about a week.

 Name: Kerry
From: Fort Jones, CA
Date:  5/18/17
We finally finished our tiling of the bath/shower. Thought you might enjoy the picture. Thank you once again for all the support and motivation to use our imagination.  Best Wishes!

 Name: James
From: Scottsdale, AZ
Date:  5/6/17
My wife asked me to send some photos of the beautiful mural we purchased from you.  She wanted to make sure that you both know how much we appreciated your patience and assistance.  The colors are so vivid, and we mounted the tiles with no grout onto a piece of cement board.  As you can see we were able to duplicate the texture of the stucco walls. Also they were individually protected and packaged very well.
Again, Thank You so much for your attention to measurement details and your follow up.

 Name: Judy
Name: Dawn
From: Phoenix, AZ
Date:  5/3/17
 Thank you so much for all your help. I looked for three weeks before I found you and you were by far the nicest and most helpful.  

 Name: Tina
From: Venice, CA
Date:  1/25/17
 Thank you for taking the time to solve this.  You've gone above and beyond, wow.  Please give your team my best regards.  

 Name: Judy
From: Los Gatos, CA
Date:  1/16/17
   Hi All,
     Last summer, I bought some Talavera tiles from your shop (Livorno and Azul Real) to use as accents in our beautiful new Saltillo tile patio. You and I talked on the phone several times during the job process--you gave me some helpful advice, and you took the time to handpick Azul Real tiles that had the most "washed" look for me. I really appreciate all of your help! At the time, I told you that I'd send you photos of the finished job.
    We LOVE our new patio, and have received nothing but the highest compliments from friends/family who have come over to see our "new" yard. Everyone loves your beautiful accent tiles! Thank you so much for importing/selling such a great product!   :o)

Name: Ingrid
From: Fairbanks, AK
Date:  1/13/17
   My contractor picked up the tiles today and they are beautiful! Although I didn't go through every single tile there seems to be no breakage! In fact, my contractor asked me to tell you that in all his 30 plus years of building he has never seen a better packing job. He was very impressed!

Name:  Lori
From: Richland, WA
Date:  12/17/16
   First of all, thank you for being so responsive and so very helpful!  I know I would never be able to successfully navigate my bathroom remodel on my own.  Your help and advice is truly appreciated!

Name:  Steve
From: West Toluca Lake, CA
Date:  12/1/16
    really appreciate you being so concerned about the look and providing the comparison. That's a big reason why I like dealing with you guys.

Name:  Kerry W
From: Fort Jones, CA 96032
Date:  11/28/16
    We finally finished our tiling of the bath/shower. Thought you might enjoy the picture. Thank you once again for all the support and motivation to use our imagination.

Name:  Mary
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date:  11/7/16
     Thanks again for the great work the whole Mexican Tile Designs' team did on our behalf.  As a result, our kitchen is going to be "one of a kind" thanks to your expertise and shared our vision of our goals and projects.  
     It has been a very enjoyable and educational journey!  I certainly admire the work you do-- as from my perspective, it isn't an easy job but you certainly rose to the occasion!  
You're the BEST!  

Name:  Jan
From: Santa Cruz, CA
Date:  11/10/16
Hi MTD team
     You both are so helpful, I really appreciate your wonderful customer service.  Thank you!

Name:  Don
From: Monterey, CA
Date:  10/17/6
Thanks again for your help and attention. Your tile selections and info on your web site and blog are terrific!

Name:  Ana
From: Boston, MA
Date:  9/16/16
Thank you one more time, you really provide an amazing customer service!!
Best of luck and hopefully we'll talk again soon!

Name:  Bob
From: Redmond, OR
Date:  8/1/16
Just wanted to tell you all the tile arrived in excellent condition.  I was impressed with every step of dealing with your company from the quality of the product to the craftsmanship of my sign and even the packaging.  
Looking forward to purchasing more from you in the future.  Thank you.

Name:  Cindy
From: Denver, CO
Date:  7/24/16
I am thrilled with my sink, it is such a lovely sink. Thank you so much for your attention to the sizing online. Your customer service is wonderful!

Name:  Catherine
From: Arizona
Date:  7/21/16
Thanks for the update! It helps my contractor immensely to know the tile has been shipped.  Will be sure to continue using you guys for my tile needs :)

Name:  Judy
From: California
Date:  7/19/16
I wanted to let you know that our tiles have arrived, and that the "washed" look on the blue 20066 tiles is beautiful, just what we were looking for! Thank you for your extra care in selecting them. :o)   Also, I appreciate that the tiles arrived safely and efficiently. They were very carefully packed; I don't think there's a single broken one! We're looking forward to the delivery of the 50 final 20262 Livorno tiles. I've made a note to myself to take a photo to send you, once the job is all done, so you can see how beautiful our new patio is!

Name:  Carol
From: California
Date:  7/12/16
Thank you so much for your quick service! I can't wait to start shower!  I will try to send pictures. Thanks again for all your help and patience.

Name:  Joseph
From: Colorado
Date:  7/2/16
BTW, your people gave EXCELLENT customer service for what was a hurry-up job. -- 

Name:  Gerry
From: Bronx, NY
Date: 6/22/16
Thanks so much for your time. You are great and we are very excited to have these in our kitchen - I've been dreaming of doing this for 5 years!!-

Name:  Ron 
From: Texas
Date: 6/12/16
Tiles are beautiful, came well packed and in excellent shape. Thanks!

Name:  Eloise
From: Louisiana
Date: 6/11/16
Tiles delivered! Well packed. Look fantastic. 

Thank you!!!  

Name:  Mary
From: Calgary, CA
Date: 6/11/16 
Thanks again to you and your team for your consideration and caring of our order as I know this hasn't been easy.  

Name:  Marilyn
From: Scottsdale, AZ
Date:  6/5/16
Thank you so much for for sending the Ken Edwards mural.  It is very beautiful!! When it is installed, we will photograph the bath and send it on to you.  It has been a wonderful experience doing business with your company.  Your customer service is awesome!

Name:  Amy
From: Oro Valley, AZ
Date: 5/28/16
Thank you Jenny for your speedy assistance with our tile needs. I will definitely send you a picture of the our kitchen.  I'm sure the mural will look fabulous!  Thank you for all of your help.  Your selection and suggestions were valuable.  I had a lot of fun! 

Name:  Rob & Karen
From: Gilroy, CA
Date: 5/24/16
Just wanted to send you a photo of our completed stair renovation. We couldn't be more pleased and absolutely love the beautiful selection of tiles you offer. We just ordered more tiles for a fireplace project and will be shopping again soon for our exterior! Thank you for the wonderful service from start to finish.--Loyal customers! 

Name:   John
From: Colorado
Date: 5/20/16
The bathroom looks great!  When I first explained to the tile guy what I wanted to do, he told me he was thinking I was crazy and it would be too busy.  He is thrilled with the work and it gave him some confidence to step out a little with his future customers.  He had fun, lots of detail work to get it right., I am impressed with his work and your tile!

Name:  John & Cherie
From: Lake Tahoe, California
Date: 5/18/16

We stopped at your location near Durango last summer and purchased a sink and floor & countertop tiles to remodel our 38 year old bathroom.  We love it and it goes with the tiles that already were half-way up the wall perfectly.  You said to send a picture so here it is.   Happy Customers!  Thanks!

Name:  Paul 
From: Fort Collins CO
Date: 5/12/16
By the way, I want to let you know how good your web site is. It is very complete and easy to use, and the images are large enough and good enough to be useful. The ordering process and email confirmation are also efficient. 

Name:  Jody
From: California
Date: 5/10/16
Thanks for all  your help! You’ve been wonderful. And when I decide to do the bathrooms, I’ll be in touch again! 

Name:  Julia
From: Virginia
Date: 5/2/16
We love our new bath!! Awesome products and fabulous company to work with too. Great customer service and available for any and all questions. My husband and I would absolutely give 5 of 5 stars. Thank you very much!

Name:  Margaret
From: Wisconsin
Date:  4/22/16
Thanks for the sample tiles that you sent us.  They are perfect.  We plan to add your tile to our new kitchen, but we haven't yet begun to build the house!  We will be back in touch, soon to place a real order.  Thanks so much. 

Name:  Teresa
From: California
Date: 4/20/16
Thank you so much you were super helpful which is definitely appreciated. It's hard to find good service these days!! 

Name:  Darren
From: Australia
Date: 4/19/16
Just a short note to say a big thank you for packaging the tiles so well.  They arrived safely without any breakages,which was due to your expert shipping and packaging.  We are extremely happy with the quality and know that they will more than compliment our bathroom renovation.
A big thank you to Sergio as well as he was very helpful and professional.
We will certainly be a return customer for any future projects.

Name:  Pat
From: Sedona, AZ
Date: 4/3/16

Dear MTD Team:   

While our bathroom remodeling project has taken a while to complete, the results are stunning - largely due to the beautiful tiles that Mexican Tile Designs supplied. I must also pass along praise from the man who installed our tile. In all of his lengthy career, he has never seen a shipment arrive so professionally packaged, with no breakage, and exact quantities. My husband and I helped him inventory the shipment upon arrival, and it was a joy to behold!

My goal was to design a bathroom that would resemble Sedona's enchanting Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. The original owner of our house was the man who created that wonderful place. All I can say is, if his spirit walks our halls, he must be as happy as we are!

You each had a role in turning a concept on paper into a dazzling reality. I am most appreciative.

Most sincerely, Pat

Name:  Eddie
From: Australia
Date: 4/9/16
The tiles have arrived in good order. We would like to thank you very much for the fantastic service and exceptional customer relations.

Best regards.

Name:  Anna
From: Alamo, CA
Date: 4/7/16

I just want to thank you for your great customer service. Issues inevitably arise when working with artisan materials, but it is how the supplier handles those situations, which make for a positive or negative experience. I look forward to ordering from you again. 

Name:  Richard

I wish to thank you Andy for all your attention.  We received the tiles and quickly installed them.  My client visited from Hawaii and just loved everything, including your tiles... Thank you again.

Name:  Judith
From: Indianapolis, IN

Thanks Andy.  I'm thrilled!  I sure wish I could visit your show room.

Name:  June
From: Independence, LA

I finally have the Mexican tiles installed.  I love them, and so does everybody else who has seen our bathroom!

Name:  Randy
From: Portland, OR

You are welcome for the order. Thanks for the tutoring on how to locate each letter to order.  I rarely purchase on-line. Your order process/check out was a snap! I like how a customer can view the various modes of delivery/cost.

Name:  Neil
From: Hartford CT

Hi MTD folks,   I can't thank you guys are great to work with and are certainly helping us have fun with this project!

Name:  Debbie
From: New Haven CT
Thanks again for your excellent service.

Name:  Patty
From: Ohio
Thanks for all your help Jenny!!!! 

Name:  Ally
From: Florida
OMG!!! So beautiful!!! I can't decide. Lol. I will pick one and call you after the holiday. Thanks sooooo much for sending me the pics.   Soooo helpful.  I must have them now!!!

Name:  Susy
From: California
Dear Jenny and Andy,
Thanks so much for the photos! You are an incredible team and the products you have are out of this world!!!

Name:  Ron
From: San Diego CA
Thank you very much.  I appreciate getting this finished up in a timely manner so I can get my house back.  You and your team has been a pleasure to work with.

Name:  Annie
From: Colorado
Dear MTD team,   
I am so happy with all the tile I ordered.  You did such a great job of instructing my boys on how to load the tile then they had to load my car, they did it so respecting what you told them.  The rest of the order arrived Fed  X while I was in Mexico.  I just unpacked them and so extremely happy I found you.  Now that I no longer have a house in Mexico I can keep adding tile here in Colorado with your great help, selection and delivery.  It's everything and more than I had ever expected.  My old property managers in Mexico were so surprised I found such a great source so close to home. Thank you!

Name:  Sherrie
From: Florida
Thanks for the follow up.  I actually ended up modifying my order and placing it the next day. I found your website to be well designed and one of the most helpful ones re organization and presentation of your products, information provided for knowing what to order and in ease in placing the order.  I also appreciated the range of colors and designs offered by your company.  I look forward to receiving my tiles.

Name:  Louise
From: Maine
My tiles just arrived and so beautifully packed! All intact! Thank you very much...........

Name:  Jill
From: Texas
Hi,  We received our 100 6-inch tiles last Thursday and now they're up and we're loving it! Thought you might like some pictures. Thanks!

Name:  Eva
From: California
Your offer of help is very much appreciated.  The tiles are beautiful, really perfect for this kitchen. Thank you.

Name:  Susan
From: Seal Beach, CA
The tiles I ordered are beautiful. I used them to "randomly" decorate a brick wall. I appreciated that I could order an array of individual tiles rather than order in bulk. The prices were quite reasonable and the shipping prompt. I loved unwrapping my carefully packaged tiles--it was like Christmas morning!

  “Just received my tile a few minutes ago via ups!  BEAUTIFUL!!!  So well packaged no problems at all.  Thank you for your timely service, I will definitely return for further business with your company.”

"The sink and tile samples arrived safe and sound.  My wife loves the sink.  Whatever she likes, I like (been married almost 50 years!)."  

“ Hi Guys, We have installed the tiles. They are awesome, and my client loves them! "

“Thanks for getting back to me, from the get go you have been so personable and easy to talk to on the phone. I am open and grateful for any help, suggestions, or creative input and ideas you may have, these are the tiles I fell in love with.  The choosing has been more fun, and yet an extremely hard task, the tiles are all so incredibly beautiful!! You must love your job!”

“Thank you, guys. You really are great. Thank you for being so helpful right away.”

“Got the tiles and they are beautiful, and thanks for all the helpful information and the speedy reply. I'll figure out what I need/want for my projects and make an order. I wish we were closer, I'd probably be a groupie at your store!”

“Thanks for sending these ideas. They're beautiful! Also, the bathtub tiles have been set. It looks stunning! I'm not is so beautiful. I can't wait for you to see it. The shower is taking a bit longer, but it too looks fantastic so far. Thanks for all your diligent work.”

"I wanted to let you know I picked up the tiles yesterday. They shipped safely and are even more amazing in person! I will send you a couple photos when we finish the install.  Thanks again!"

 "The tile arrived last Monday, well worth the wait. They are beautiful and all installed. Thank you!"

 “The rest of the tiles have arrived today. All of them came in safely and they are very pretty. Thank you for your help and wish you always great business!”

“I received some of the tiles already. They look fantastic! Please update me when the remainder of my order ships out! Thank you! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

"Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tiles and that thanks to you I was able to find them!   I got the shipment and everything came all right.  Have a great day!"
–Marta, Honduras

Thank you, I LOVE my new tile and backspash!

Just wanted to let you know the tiles came in yesterday.   They are beautiful and my wife loves them. Regards
–Sandy, Naples FL 

We finally got moved in this past Tuesday and are really enjoying our new home.  We love the tile!
–Gina M, Oklahoma City, OK 

MTD team: Thank you for providing such a convenient source of tiles for the various projects I've invented. The last order of Seville was filled so quickly even I was surprised. The minor shipping damage was quickly replaced. I have now found and additional need and found a design in your inventory that was "exactly" what I needed. This is a much smaller order but am looking forward to seeing it in real.  I look forward to "discovering" another need in you outstanding inventory.

Incredible turn around!  Thank You Very Much!
–Enrique, LA California 

Yes, I did get the tracking email.  Thank you for shipping promptly!  It is a pleasure to have such a responsive company to get my tiles!
– Ann W., Woodstock, NY

Thank you for the quick response on this matter. The tile that has gone in is just beautiful, we love it and will certainly come your way again.
–Tiffany Carlisle, Acadian House Kitchen and Bath Design, Baton Rouge  LA

The rest of the order arrived in perfect condition, so beautifully packed!  Thank you.
–Joe, Dallas, Texas

Hi MTD Team,
Got your message yesterday regarding the back-order on the braid/rope trim...I spoke with our tile guy and he can work around it :)  Thanks you for being so wonderful to work with! We will send final picture to you... We are also doing our Master bathroom too and will be placing another order down the road...(waiting on the sample you sent a couple days ago...)  Appreciate your communication and follow through :)
–Betsy, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Received the tiles last week and all is well. I've only been able to see the Gorky tiles so far--which just as you said were worth the wait! Thanks so much!
–Julie, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I received the tile for the pool and it is beautiful. I appreciate your cooperation and plan to place another order in the future when I start the bathroom and back splash.
–Stacie, Missouri City, Texas