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Cement Encaustic Tile

Cement Tiles at Mexican Tile Designs

 Custom Design Your Tile Colors!

Mexican Tile Designs is thrilled to bring our customers the beauty of Encaustic cement tiles.  While these incredibly beautiful and durable tiles have been around for centuries, they are experiencing a well-deserved renaissance.  People everywhere are discovering their unique aesthetic of both rustic and contemporary designs and are using them to decorate both floors and walls in both homes and commercial spaces.

Every tile we sell is hand-made in Mexico by skilled artisans to give you a unique and lovely product that will turn any space into a work of art. 

Each of our cement Encaustic tiles is made especially for you, using historic color schemes or uniquely designed by you using our amazing Customizer Tool

Call today for a personalized quote and get started on your own Encaustic tile journey!

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