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Mexican Tiles for Pools & Fountains

Mexican tile for pools and fountains

Many pools are just plain boring when they don’t have to be! You don’t have to settle for a typical and factory-looking pool, instead use beautiful Mexican tile to make your pool truly stunning.

Perhaps, you’re thinking, “Mexican tile wouldn’t hold up in a pool!” That may have been true of the original colonial red clay Talavera tiles. But modern Mexican tile comes in high-temperature fired ceramic - and if your contractor insists on using porcelain, not a problem. All our Especial and Prima designs are available in porcelain as well.

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Here are just a few ways to create a one-of-a-kind pool that truly reflects your unique personality and taste:

Solid color tile on the pool walls • Border designs around the water line • Decorative tile or border tile on the stair risers • Mexican tile mural on the pool wall or floor to give swimmers something fun to explore underwater!

Here are some of our most popular Prima pool tiles:

Here are some of our most popular Especial pool tiles: