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Hand-painted Mexican Knobs

Even if you don’t love your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom cabinets or drawers, just adding bright unique Mexican knobs can totally transform them.

High Temperature fired clay for durability • 100% ceramic • Individually hand-painted in Mexico

There is nothing like a bright, colorful knob to draw the eye and bring a smile.  Use them on cabinets anywhere in your home.  Why settle for boring, when you can have exciting and different knobs that reflect your individuality!


Especial Ceramic Knobs

These individually hand-painted knobs will enhance any cabinet, desk, cupboard, or drawer. These bright, colorful unique knobs are perfect for  the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or office. Use them to instantly bring any cabinet to life!

Ken Edwards Artisan Knobs

These cheerful, artistic hand-painted knobs by master ceramic artist Ken Edwards are an instant statement of good taste and an original personality. Choose from among flowers, birds, or fish motifs, all in the one-of-a-kind distinctive Ken Edwards style. Choose coordinating tiles and murals from our custom Ken Edwards line of tile and murals.

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