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The TRUTH About “Frost Proof” Tiles

Many websites advertise “Frost Proof” or “Frost Resistant” tiles, yet these terms can be extremely misleading. Learn the four things you must remember when looking for tile that will withstand freezing temperatures. 

Cement Tiles: Unique & Fun Design Ideas 

Find the Right Cement Tiles

Do you have a space in your home or business that needs some design help? Cement (encaustic) tiles can add beautiful color and design and enhance any wall or floor. Start with a whole new design concept or use them to match the theme you have already established. With so many different cement tile designs and solid colors, you are sure to become inspired and create something amazing for your house or business.

Porcelain Pool Tile and Outdoor Tile Projects

Porcelain Pool and Outdoor Tile Beyond your Wildest Dreams!

Now you can have bright, bold pool tile in Porcelain!  You can now get ASTM certified ceramic and porcelain pool tile in hundreds of beautiful, colorful designs.  If you live in a cold climate where you experience hard freezes in the winter, you need Porcelain.