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Welcome to Mexican Tile Designs

Mexican Tile Designs is a family-owned and operated internet business and we pride ourselves on providing only the very best Mexican Tile, Talavera Tile, Spanish Tile, Saltillo Tile in ceramic and porcelain along with sinks and murals hand-painted by families in Mexico. We credit our success on all our loyal customers who return again and again. We make every effort to provide you with the best customer service available anywhere on the web and are always happy to talk with you in person, on the phone or over email or text. We enjoy working with you to design and plan your amazing projects and are thrilled when we receive photos of your incredible creations!


Recent Posts

Three Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Remodel Using Traditional Mexican Tile
There is nothing like Traditional Talavera Mexican Tile to bring amazing color and bright bold design elements into every room in the house or business. The even brighter side to this type of home makeover is that it is simple, inexpensive, and can create vibrant changes.
Decorative Pool Tiles: Ceramic or Porcelain?
There are many designs, colors, and styles to choose from, it is important to pick the right decorative pool tile for your Mexican inspired pool design. Whether it is a remodel or a brand-new pool and spa, you can get started today by finding the perfect tiles. You will always be able to find a tile that fits with whatever style or color scheme you are trying to achieve.  Create a spectacular pool like no other!