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Saltillo Tiles - Mission Colonial Floor Tiles

Saltillo Tiles and Trim Collection For Your Floor Project

Shop our collection of highest quality, hand-crafted Saltillo flooring tiles and pavers. Our Saltillo Tile Floor Pavers come in seven different shapes, from octagon to square to a woven cane, and can create various patterns. Each of these shapes is available in three different colors options and three texture options. Our Saltillo tile pavers are made of terra cotta. All sizes and colors and textures come pre-sealed to keep out moisture and prevent leaching of minerals.

Terra cotta flooring and Saltillo tile flooring are great ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, and even outdoor patios. Saltillo tile must be sealed properly as our tiles do not come pre-sealed. 

Before selecting your Saltillo tile, discover the many Saltillo tile floor patterns we offer at Mexican Tile Designs. Click here.