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Mexican Style Mural - Pajaro Y Flor Mural

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  • $1,295.00

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This lovely tile mural pictures a vase of multi-colored wild flowers surrounded by butterflies and even a small bird. The mural consists of 40 4"x 4" tiles, which makes the mural 20” wide and 32” high. The 6" x 6" tile mural, costs if 40 tiles as well, making the mural 30" wide x 48" tall. Mexican Tile Designs has compiled a wide selection of beautiful hand-crafted Mexican Tile murals. Our murals come from several different artists and are painted in a diversity of styles from rustic to modern. Each is hand-painted by an expert craftsman/woman in Mexico and range in topic from flower baskets to underwater scenes to countryside vistas. You can find a striking mural to match any taste or decor style. Our hand-painted ceramic murals are perfect for kitchen backsplashes and walls, shower walls, tub surrounds, fountains, outdoor kitchens, patio walls and many other applications. A mural draws the eye and conveys a mood and ambiance like nothing else. These colorful Mexican tile murals portray beautiful fish and coral, flowers and vegetables, and country scenes in Mexico, Spain and Italy. If you have any questions about how to incorporate a ceramic tile mural into your decorating or remodeling project, please don't hesitate to call us. We are always happy to help!

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