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Bathroom countertop and vanity using terra cotta Mexican field tile and decorative border tile trim


This lovely bathroom countertop and backsplash were created using decorative Mexican tile and a hand-painted Mexican ceramic sink from Mexican Tile Designs.  Here is how they did it:

Bathroom or Powder room Sink:  Mexican hand-painted ceramic sink # 20436 Parra y Flor.

Bathroom Counter Backsplash:  this beautiful border tile is an Especial premium Mexican decorative border 4" x 4" tile called Campo #20100.  The backsplash trim is Especial surface bullnose 4" trim # 20030 Esmalta Compuesto brown color.

Bathroom Countertop:  the bathroom countertop is created using Especial premium Mexican hand painted 4" x 4" tile #20018 in Esmalta Compuesta color.