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Bathroom countertop in terra cotta brown Mexican field tile and decorative border backsplash with trim


This lovely  Mexican tile bathroom countertop and backsplash is easy to recreate or customize according to your taste and decor!The countertop is Especial premium tile #20019 in Blanco Nacar color in 4" x 4" tile, using Surface Bullnose trim in the same color, # 20030 in 6 inch and 4 inch lengths.
 The bathroom countertop backsplash is Especial Decorative tile #20352 Margarita Sola in 2" x 4" size.  It is trimmed with cut pieces of the #20019 tile used on the countertop with white grout.
The sink unfortunately is no longer made, but any of our many sinks would look lovely.  You might for instance choose #10310 Escamas Verdes, or #10334 Flor de Noche
All items IN STOCK and shipped in 2-4 business days from our warehouse
in Durango, Colorado to your door!