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Gorky Gonzalez


Gorky Gonzalez is a master ceramicist who won the National Award for Science and Arts award in Mexico and has been featured in prestigious galleries around the world. Gorky studied ceramics in Mexico and then received a scholarship to study in Japan under the tutelage of Tsuji Seimei and Kei Finiwara, both considered Japanese National liv ing treasures. You can see the Japanese influence in his work today. He returned to the central highlands of Mexico where he, his wife Toshiko and son Gorky Jr. along with a group of skilled craftsmen devote themselves to creating some of the most beautiful and distinctive ceramics in the world. Gorky Jr. has followed in his father's footsteps - continuing and expanding this exquisite line of collectible tile and has honored Mexican Tile Designs with an exclusive collection of Gorky art tile, murals, and sinks that will add distinction and beauty to any decorating project.

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Gorky Gonzalez also offers an exquisite selection of sinks that match his tile patterns.