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Home Decor Decorative Tiles

Mexican Tile Designs has Decorative Tiles perfect for any home decor or remodeling project!

Use our hand-painted Mexican tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, stairways, backsplashes, tub surrounds, showers, outdoor kitchens, pools, fountains, patios--in fact almost anywhere! 


Traditional Rustic Spanish Tile

Our Traditional line is made in the “Colonial” style that creates a finished product, which captures the rustic charm of Old Mexico. Locally obtained clay is rolled out like dough to the correct thickness and then cut into rough squares. The “raw” clay squares are then stacked in sets of 6 and hand-trimmed to their final size with a template as a guide. These clay blanks are then fired in a wood-fueled kiln. The glazes are then applied to the fired blanks and allowed to dry before being fired again. The finished glazed surface may have a pattern of very fine lines visible in certain light. This is known as “crazing” and is created during the firing process. This feature adds a unique visual texture and vintage appearance. Using these tiles will give your finished project the look of an antique work of art. The glazes are rich and the colors vibrant. In this line you can find all your favorite old Mexico and Spanish designs as well as Moroccan, Craftsman and modern designs. Our Traditional line is well suited for backsplashes, stair risers, windowsills, decorative borders and bathrooms. They can be used for exterior applications if properly protected from standing moisture in cold climates.


Especial Premium Spanish Tile


Our Especial line was selected for their exquisite deep luster and flawless glaze that gives any project a truly dazzling look. These tiles are made with a new, more modern process process than the Traditional line resulting in a more finished appearance and much greater durability. New techniques of mixing clay types, firing, and glazing allow you to use these tiles in areas of high wear or stress such as countertops, outdoor barbecues and patios, and even swimming pools. These beautiful tiles are also suited for wet environments like vanity surfaces, showers, tub surrounds and all dry environment applications. They are also fine for exterior use where they may be exposed to moisture. In cold climates, they should be protected from standing water where there is a potential for hard freeze. A frost-proof version is available—please call us for more information! The gorgeous solid colors and decorative patterns are all hand-painted using new and traditional patterns. These high quality tiles are also available in Spanish, Talavera, Moorish, Moroccan, Craftsman and modern designs. We fell in love with this line of tile and have used them throughout our own home with stunning effect.

Prima Raise Relief Spanish Tile


Our Prima line of ceramic floor tiles provides highest quality exquisite raised-relief Mexican tile with textured detail in both gloss and matte finishes. This style was originally created at the famous Malibu Potteries in Malibu, California. It is sometimes referred to as Malibu tile or Santa Barbara tile. The color schemes for these tiles cover the range from earth tones to brilliant hues. Prima tile is very durable and makes a delightful addition to both indoor and outdoor projects. The unique designs of the Prima Line make it perfect for any project, including: kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, stair risers, water features and pools! We carry a full line of solid colors, designs, borders, and trim tiles to match.


Several tile designs in our Prima line of ceramic tile are perfect fit for Mission or Arts and Crafts decorating style.  These are just a few examples:



We strongly encourage you to stay within one family of tile (Traditional, Especial or Prima) when selecting tile for a project to avoid dimensional mismatch issues. However, these three lines of tiles can be combined with stunning effect but keep in mind that they are slightly different in thickness, width and height. Combining Traditional with Especial or Prima tile in the same project may require some creative planning. An effective way to do this is with trim tile and cut tile strips as a transition between them. The Especial and Prima tile are very close in size and thickness.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 866.320.1628. We welcome feedback and encourage phone calls!


We also carry a full line of Mexican Floor Tiles/Pavers ceramic flooring!


Tierra Art Premium Saltillo Pavers: Tierra Art hand-crafted, high-fired terra cotta floor pavers

Mexican Tile Designs is pleased to now offer the highest quality Tierra Art handcrafted, high-fired, Saltillo terra cotta floor pavers and tiles. These Mexican floor tiles give your home or office an enduring old-world warmth and charm that is so hard to find! While they impart the same radiant terra cotta color and look as traditional clay floor pavers, they are now made with clays that allow them to be fired at a higher temperature making them much stronger and more durable than traditional Saltillo pavers. These improvements make these terra cotta floor tiles much less porous and therefore much more resistant to stains and allow them to be used in areas of high traffic volume and stress.

Another modern improvement on Saltillo pavers is the incorporation of lovely Mexican art designs in Mexican tile flooring. The Tierra Art Floral Mexican floor tile collection incorporates beautiful floral patterns in a matte inlay of any color (or design) you desire within the terra cotta clay floor tiles.

Our Tierra Art Talavera floor paver line, also bright and colorful, resembles large Mexican Talavera decorative tiles, but especially created in patterns, glaze and design for use as floor tiles and pavers.



Mission Colonial (Saltillo) Mexican floor tiles:

Mexican Tile Designs also carries the handcrafted Mission-style Super Saltillo Mexican terra cotta floor paver. You can choose this old-world, handcrafted Mexican floor tile in either a rounded edge or square edge. They also come in 6 different shapes, from octagon to square to flor de lis.   These rustic clay floor tiles add a Mission or Spanish reddish colonial look unlike no other.



Antigua (Rustic) Mexican floor tiles:

Check out our handcrafted traditional Classic Barcelona terra cotta Saltillo floor pavers. These rustic, natural clay floor tiles bring the ambiance of old world Mexico, Italy and Spain into your home. These tiles come in 6 different shapes, from octagon to square to flor-de-lis.  

 Many people also like to add solid color or decorative Mexican tiles into their flooring pattern for a fantastic one-of-a-kind look!  See our Prima, Especial and Traditional Mexican tile lines for ideas!


Please see our complete selection of handcrafted terra cotta floor pavers and call us toll free at 866-320-1628 for help designing your exquisite new floor!