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How Cement Tiles Are Made

Skilled artisans create these gorgeous, strong and slip resistant tiles the same way they’ve been made for generations. The tiles are also referred to as inlaid tiles because they have 3 important layers:


1: Top surface layer: this important wear and color layer is a liquid mixture of high grade Portland cement, powdered marble and natural mineral pigments. This will be the beautiful surface we see with vibrant colors and amazing designs.

2: Middle layer: the heart of the tile is a dry mixture of pure finely ground Portland cement. This layer of mortar lends strength and durability to the tile.

3: Bottom layer: The foundation of the tile is a coarser layer of cement and sand that gives it incredible comprehensive strength.

The traditional Encaustic designs that create interlocking patterns are first carefully formed by skilled artisans who create a detailed drawing. They then hand-bend blades of metal to form the details of each pattern within a square form. The layers described above are then poured into this form upside down one at a time with the top surface first. As soon as the color layer is meticulously applied by hand, the metal form is removed and the other two layers are applied to the required depth to give the tile maximum strength. The tile is then compressed using a hydraulic press which embeds the color into the cement layer. Unlike ceramic, clay, or porcelain tiles, cement tiles are not fired. Instead, they slow cure in open air until dry and very hard. Unlike other tiles, cement tiles are not glazed, rather their stunning colors are inlaid into the tile itself which gives them incredible durability.