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Wainscoting and Wall Tile

Wainscoting and Wall Tile - .....

Mexican Tile can be used with extraordinary effect as wall tile. When a solid color or decorative panel id edged with border tile and/or trim tile, a wainscoting is created. It can lend a formal look or a while and whimsical look: your choice!.

Check out the images below and then let your own creativity loose:

  • Over 100 styles of decorative, solid and border tile to choose from
  • Coordinating trim tile and solid color tile available in each tile line
  • Prima and Especial tile are high fired ceramic for durability
  • Traditional Talavera tile is rustic, antique appearing tile

Formal Wainscoting with Solid Color Trim Tile 

Mexican tile for Wainscoting on Stairway Wall 

Decorative Mexican tile and solid color field tile, topped by trim tile to create wainscoting. 

Wainscoting of one row decorative tile bordered by raised trim tile 

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