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Especial Mexican Tile - Flores Pequenos

Especial Mexican Tile - Flores Pequenos

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Especial Mexican Tile - Flores Pequenos

Our Especial Tile border designs are made to line up to create a striking repeating design. Use them as a top and bottom border to wainscoting, around bathroom and kitchen counters, to outline a wall or mural, around a barbecue, or as a stunning border around fountains and pools. They coordinate with our sinks, solid color tiles and other decorative designs. Each is a hand-made and hand-painted and high- fired ceramic tile. The type of clay and the high-temperature firing make these tiles extremely durable and weather resistant. Craftsman families in Mexico carefully create each individual tile†making every one a work of art that will add lasting beauty and warmth to your home.
part¾# 20381
Available in porcelain please call 866-320-1628.

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