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Especial Mexican Tile - STAR & CROSS

Especial Mexican Tile - STAR & CROSS

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Especial Mexican Tile - STAR & CROSS

Our Especial Star and Cross tile are offered in ALL the Especial solid color Tile options.  Tiles in this unique and beautiful shape fits together into a spectacular pattern that will make your tile project like no other, whether it is a countertop, backsplash, tub surround or wainscoting.  These 100% ceramic tiles are fired at high temperatures which imparts exceptional strength and durability. Calculate 9 pcs/ square foot. You will want to take the square footage of your space x 9 pieces then divide this number by 2 to determine how many of each tile you will need. For example... 100 square feet x 9 pcs/sq ft= 900 pieces divided by 2= 450. So for this example you would want to order 450 cross tile and 450 star tile. Feel free to call if you need help. 1-800-320-1628

part # 20565

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