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Gorky Day of the Dead art tile

Gorky Gonzalez - Day of the Dead Hombre III

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Gorky Gonzalez  - Day of the Dead Hombre III

Mexican Tile Designs is proud to carry an exclusive collection of Gorky art tiles, murals and sinks. Gorky Gonzalez is a master ceramicist who won the National Award of Sciences and Arts in Mexico and has been featured in prestigious galleries around the world. Gorky has dedicated his life to the rescue and preservation of the traditional Majolica pottery technique and designs, which dates back to the 17th century. Gorky studied ceramics in Mexico and then received a scholarship to study in Japan under the tutelage of Tsuji Seimei and Kei Finiwara, both considered Japanese National living treasures. He returned to the central Highlands of Mexico where he, his wife Toshiko and son Gorky Jr. along with a group of skilled craftsman, devote themselves to creating some of the most beautiful and distinctive pottery and ceramics in the world. Gorky Jr. has followed in his father's footsteps-- continuing and expanding this exquisite line of collectable ceramics and has honored Mexican Tile Designs with an exclusive collection of Gorky art tile, murals and sinks that will add an incredible and totally unique look to any decorating project.

This tile is one of the Day of the Dead Tiles in our Gorky Gonzalez collection with four male skeleton figures and four female, each dressed in typical Mexican clothing! Each is a 4”x4” colorful tile in blues, greens and terra cotta typical of the famous Gorky Gonzalez style, against a creamy white background.

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