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Hand Painted Raised Relief Signs - Flor Caprichosa

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Hand Painted Raised Relief Signs - Flor Caprichosa

A classy business sign, a gorgeous house number sign, maybe your name, your Man Cave, or simply an elegant "Welcome" sign!  Use your imagination and design the perfect sign as only you can.  These beautiful raised-relief signs are each hand painted by skilled artisans in Mexico.  You pick the border design, the shape, the size, the words and the font.  Used indoors or out, these custom ceramic signs are totally and uniquely yours!  Caprichosos means "whimsical" and these beautiful little flowers fit that description perfectly.

IMPORTANT:  After you order online, having chosen your border and size, please EMAIL US at with an attached pdf showing 1.  The exact wording of the text of the words you want on the sign, and 2. The name of the font you want the text to be in.  Please show the text at least 36 point size in the font you want.  Any questions do not hesitate to call us!  970-385-7273.

SKU 20602

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