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Cement Tiles: Unique & Fun Design Ideas 

Posted by Jennifer Wrenn on

Do you have a space in your home or business that needs some design help? Cement (encaustic) tiles can add beautiful color and design and enhance any wall or floor. Start with a whole new design concept or use them to match the theme you have already established. With so many different cement tile designs and solid colors, you are sure to become inspired and create something amazing for your house or business.


Cement Tile Murals

A tile mural, made of connecting designs can beautify any wall or floor space. Why not create your own? Using a colorizer tool on the Mexican Tile Designs website, you have full control over the design and colors you want to use. If you want fun and unique designs, our pattern cement encaustic tiles are perfect for your project. If you prefer darker tones, ones like the Morelia Encaustic Cement Tile, Veracruz Encaustic Cement Tile, and Cordoba Encaustic Cement Tile will work well. Use darker tiles like these in areas that have plenty of natural or artificial light.  For a brighter, more colorful mural, the Zamora Encaustic Cement Tiles, Merida Encaustic Cement Tiles, and Pachuca Encaustic Cement Tiles are sure to brighten any space. With so many cement tiles to choose from, you can create the perfect mural for your home or business.



Encaustic Cement Floors

When your floor needs a makeover, use cement tile. You can create a unique combination of patterned cement tiles with solid cement encaustic tiles. Adobe Red or Merlot are beautiful solid colors that would go well within a Southwestern home or business, especially accented with Old Gold. Colors like Caribbean Blue, Red Chili, and Forest Green are also perfect accent colors for your floor. 

With these solid colors, you can create a basic floor design, or you can get creative. Add a diamond or other fun shape to your entryway for your guests to marvel at when they come in or alternate tiles as you lay them down. Alternate between solid colors, patterned tiles, or combine the two; this can be a simple design yet still be fun to look at. You can even create a mural of patterned tiles among your solid color tiles to add an image that is sure to pop off your floor. There are so many fun designs you can do when remodeling your floor – whether you want a more complex design or a more simple design.  

Our solid color cement tiles allow you to be creative and combine many different colors and designs to create the perfect floor. Whether you want to redo your kitchen floor, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even the floor in your restaurant or business building, you are sure to find the right colors or color combinations for your project. 


Find the Right Cement Tiles

Cement tiles can be perfect for decorating your walls or a floor remodel. With so many solid colors and unique patterns to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect cement tiles for your project. Combine cement tiles to make your own design and make your projects really stand out in your home or business. 

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