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The Complete Buyers Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Posted by Jennifer Wrenn on


Purchasing a sink for your bathroom can be a daunting task.  So many styles, sizes and colors to choose from, how do you really know what's the best one?  This guide provides simple steps to selecting the perfect sink for your home.

*This guide is focused on designer ceramic style-sinks, if you would like to learn more about stainless steel and cast iron sinks, has a good guide.




How the sink will be installed: Top mounted self-rimming sinks: These sinks have rolled edges that allow the sink to be dropped down into a countertop opening. The edge can be part of the decoration, making these sinks a great decorative option. Top-mount sinks are the easiest to install.

Undermount sinks: They are mounted below the countertop, exposing the edge of the countertop surface around the sink. With no rim to contend with, undermounts are easy to clean, but have less sink surface showing and tend to make the sink less of a decorative element.

Vessel Sinks: These are basins that sit atop the counter and offer the most striking style, making the sink a strong decorative element for your bathroom.

Select the Size & Shape
Sinks are available in sizes ranging from 13" up to 22" wide. Some of the factors to consider are the size of the room, the height of the countertop, and the height of the people using it.  The National Kitchen & Bath Association, an industry trade group, suggests a standard 22X24-in. single-bowl model for bathrooms less than 150 sq. ft. (the bowl itself measures about 16X21 in.). -------Think about your height and the height of your family. If you are shorter than 5 feet tall, or have small children, a vessel sink may be uncomfortable for you.  

Choose the Material
Sinks come in many different materials, porcelain, cast iron, ceramic, copper, stainless steel just to name a few.  Hand-painted sinks such as the one below are made out of either ceramic or porcelain.  Make sure your sink is high quality ceramic.  The process of high-firing ensures that it is durable and chip-resistant for years to come.

Understand the Cost
A high quality ceramic (high temperature-fired) sink will run between $90 - $300 based on the size, style and design.  Be careful when you find sinks that are priced lower than $80.  These sinks are typically not highest quality ceramic.  They may not last as long and may be subject to chipping and fading.

Matching your decor
This may be the hardest part of your sink selection.  So many styles and designs to choose from.  Here are our general guidelines. 

Choose subdued colors and subtle designs when: you want a more restrained and consistent tone.  Think about the colors you’ve chosen for your tile, towels, lighting fixtures etc.  

Choose contrasting colors and more striking designs when: you want each element in your bathroom or powder room to stand out and be noticed.  This does not necessarily mean the designs have to be bright and bold, though those are beautiful, they can also be more subtle colors and designs and still just as striking.  Again, take into account how you want to complement your sink with other design elements such as tile, fixtures, and towels.

Now that you know the basics, it's time to go shopping!  

Still have questions?, we are on-hand to help you make the best decision.  Feel free to call us at 866-320-1628

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