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Traditional Mexican Sink- Cielo y Girasol

Traditional Mexican Sink- Cielo y Girasol

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Our "Sky and Sunflower" sink is as inviting as its name! Sky blue rims this floral fiesta oval sink, brimming with beaming sunflowers, trimmed with green leaves. (Note the red accents: think of the design possibilities for those wanting just a ping of red in their interior design elements!) This sink is as tough as it is lovely, and will bring summer and color into any bath or powder room. Remodeling? Check out our vast selection of tiles for floors, counter top, backsplash and stunning Especial designer tiles to coordinate with this sink. A few examples of decorating possibilities to complement this happy sink include: Amapola, or Arlequin Amarillo or Boton de Oro. And that's just the beginning!
part #10378
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