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Traditional Mexican Sink-Flor Verde Royale

Traditional Mexican Sink-Flor Verde Royale

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This lovely sink with a prominent green flower around the drain and light green petal accents is a durable, ceramic sink, hand painted in Mexico. It will add a unique and beautiful look to your bathroom or powder room. Look for matching or complementary tile in both color and design using decorative and Sinks. This sink is extremely strong once in place. It is made with high-fired clay, unlike the old fashioned Mexican sinks which were kiln baked red clay and much more fragile.

Imagine this lovely and durable ceramic sink in your Master bathroom or guest bathroom.  It  offers a delightful array of design possibilities when coupled with our Spanish tiles, Mexican tiles or traditional tiles. You and your guests will admire the hand-painted, hard fired (which makes if extra durable) beauty of this artisan Mexican sink for years to come.

part # 10385

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