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How GREEN is Mexican Tile?

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

How green is Talavera Tile?


Mexican Tile from Mexican Tile Designs is a handcrafted artisanal product made from small batches of natural, native clays found in rural Mexico.



For this reason and because it is crafted largely using human hands by small family groups instead of by machines, Mexican Tile has an extremely low carbon footprint.



The primary fuel use is in the firing process and in transporting the tile to your door. Our tile is trucked to the U.S., not flown, which also lowers carbon fuel use. This fuel use, while considerable, is still minuscule compared to other petroleum-based, machine-made, high VOC “false tile” products or finishes available on the home-improvement market today.



Further, Mexican Talavera tile is a durable finish for your home or business, with lasting beauty that does not need to be frequently repainted or resealed, or painted. It is virtually free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can lead to allergies and other health problems.


Mexican Tile is easy to clean with a simple chamois cloth or a squeegee, not requiring toxic cleaning products.



We take pride that our tile is purchased by Mexican family companies, not large corporations, and thus employs hundreds of Mexican artists and supports many families with fair market wages.

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