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Mexican Tile Designs Gallery Inspiration

Posted by Jennifer Wrenn on

Accents: Our Mexican tiles can be used for small accents around your home or office. Highlight various parts of the room with these bright, bold, and vivid tiles and knobs.

coping saltillo tile mexican tile accents mexican tile designs       mexican tile house number mexican tile designs

Bathrooms: Spice up your bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, or any other part of your bathroom. Use bright and beautiful Mexican tiles to add some color to the room where your day begins.

mexican tile bathroom and mexican tile sink     mexican tile fish sink     

mexican tile backsplash bathroom     mexican tile bathroom 

mexican tile bathroom counter

Fireplace: Our Mexican tiles are sure to pop among the beautiful glow of the fire. Find the perfect design, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

outdoor fireplace mexican tile     mexican tile fireplace mantle     mexican tile fireplace

Flooring: You walk on your floors every day, so why make them beautiful? We have many beautiful tiles to choose from to create a beautiful Mexican tile floor.

saltillo tile flooring mexican tile designs     saltillo tile outdoor flooring

Kitchen: In the kitchen, you make delicious food and good memories with loved ones. Give your kitchen a remodel with beautiful bright and bold Mexican tiles. Create a mural, a backsplash, or redo your countertops or island!

mexican tile countertop kitchen     mexican tile mural sunflower kitchen     mexican tile kitchen counter     mexican tile baksplash kitchen

Murals: Murals can be beautiful pieces of art. We have so many Mexican tiles for you to choose from to create your own or you can choose one of the many beautiful murals we have available.

mexican tile designs mural outdoor

Pools: Add some color to your pool! Whether you want vibrant blues, reds, oranges, greens, or yellows to pop against the water. All our Especial and Prima tiles can be used in pools, fountains, and spas. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you are sure to create a unique pool.

mexican tile pool tile decorative tile     mexican tile accents pool tile     mexican tile pool deck     mexican pool tile blue mexican tile designs

Stairs: Stairs can be great places for accents of beautiful Mexican tiles. Whether you want solid colors or patterned tiles, you can make your staircase a centerpiece in your home or office.

mexican tile stair risers      mexican tile indoor stair risers     indoor stair risers red mexican tile     saltillo step stair risers

Wainscoting: Make a statement with a gorgeous wainscoting! Use Mexican tiles to divide different textures throughout your home. Perfect for stairs, in bathrooms, or even hallways!

mexican tile wainscoting bathroom     mexican tile bathroom wainscoting      decorative wainscoting mexican tile

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