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What Are Cement Tiles?

Posted by Jennifer Wrenn on

Why Cement Tiles?

Cement tiles are incredibly versatile! They can be used in countless indoor and outdoor projects. These unique and beautiful tiles have been used around the world for centuries. Now, these amazing designs have become extremely popular in the U.S. as well.  While traditionally used primarily for floors, cement tiles are now adding a unique decorative element to walls and other spaces.

cement tile installation idea outdoor fireplace mexican tile designs

Mexican Tile Designs customer's installation of patterned cement tile at the Olive & Ivy Restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


In the 1800s, the popularity of cement tiles expanded throughout numerous countries, such as Europe, Africa, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Asia, Cuba, and Mexico. After the World Wars, and the advent of plastics, the demand for cement tiles decreased when other materials to such as linoleum and carpeting gained favor. Luckily in the 90s, cement tiles began to receive recognition again and they are still growing in popularity today. In mid-19th Century France, the hydraulic press was introduced and the manufacturing process for cement tiles was perfected. Made with three layers, cement tiles are 100% recyclable and always handcrafted with a personal touch.

Popular Uses of Cement Tile

Cement tiles are functional and stylish, which makes them the perfect tile for any kind of project. Most commonly they are used for floors, but are also beautiful on walls and other surfaces. From restaurants to houses, in all colors and styles, cement tiles can provide the perfect decorative touch for your space. 

Flooring in any room in your home: Create memorable rooms with gorgeous cement tiles. Play with solid colors and decorative colors.  Achieve a look that is uniquely your own!

Office: if you have a home office for work or just as a space to be creative, a cement tile floor or wall could be the perfect touch for it. Choose from various options and design the perfect accent for your work space.

Restaurant: whether you are opening a new restaurant or want to remodel your current space, cement tiles can be exactly what you need. From bold colors to neutral colors, these tiles will always enhance your restaurant’s ambience.  

patterned cement tile mexican tile designs

Get Versatile with Cement Tile

Every cement tile we sell is hand-made in Mexico by skilled artisans to give you a unique and lovely product that will turn any space into a work of art.  

Each of our cement encaustic tiles is made especially for you, using historic color schemes or uniquely designed by you using our amazing Customizer Tool (coming this fall!).  

pattern cement tile designs at mexican tile designs

Call Mexican Tile Designs today for a personalized quote and FREE DESIGN HELP and get started on your own Encaustic Cement tile journey!

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