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Decorative Pool Tiles: Ceramic or Porcelain?

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

mexican tile designs decorative pool tile porcelain ceramic

Decorative pool tiles bring a Mexican flair to your pool - they are colorful, bright, and energetic. Be creative!  With so many options to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect tile for your pool or spa. Whether you are remodeling or installing a brand new pool, decorative pool tiles are available to you in an array of beautiful colors and styles. 

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tiles

Both Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are suitable for pools, spas and water features. Although they are similar, they do have important differences. (Note: never use rustic red clay Talavera tiles in a pool or water feature.) When choosing which tile will work best for your pool, it is important to consider your climate.

decorative pool tiles mexican tile designs

Porcelain tiles are the right choice for cold climate pools. When they are created, the tiles are fired to a vitreous state so they do not absorb any water, which protects them from freezing. The Especial Premium Tiles is a good option for warm climate pools that do not experience freezing temperatures. All tiles sold by Mexican Tile Designs for pools, both ceramic and porcelain, have U.S. manufactured glazes and meet or exceed all ASTM pool tile standards.

All of our Prima and Especial ceramic tiles come in solid colors and decorative. Most can also be made into porcelain.  The only caveat is that some of our Prima tiles have a partial matte finish that needs to be changed to a gloss finish for use in pools (because some harsh pool cleaning chemicals can etch a matte finish).  All of these tiles in both ceramic and porcelain can be used in any outdoor project—again just remember the rule: Ceramic in warm climates, Porcelain in cold climates. 

Don’t forget your pool steps!  Decorative or solid color tiles are beautiful for step risers (the vertical section).  Little 2”x2” or  2”x4”  tiles are a perfect size to mark the edge of steps.  

Get Creative Today With Decorative Pool Tiles!

decorative pool tile design mexican tile designs

Although there are many designs, colors, and styles to choose from, it is important to pick the right decorative pool tile for your Mexican inspired pool design. Whether it is a remodel or a brand-new pool and spa, you can get started today by finding the perfect tiles. You will always be able to find a tile that fits with whatever style or color scheme you are trying to achieve.  Create a spectacular pool like no other!

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