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Ideas for Using Mexican Tile in your Kitchen or Bath Countertop

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

One of the most common questions people ask us at Mexican Tile Designs is for ideas on using decorative tile in their kitchen, bath or laundry room decorating project. It IS daunting sometimes. When I’m standing in our tile warehouse or sorting through boxes of tiles for a customer, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I love them all! How can I choose?


In this blog and others, I’ll try to show you what other people have done with Talavera tile and maybe it will spur your own creativity! Even if you follow their idea, and only change the decorative tile or the color of the solid tiles, you will create your own totally unique look.


This time, I’ve tried to find examples of using a solid background on the countertop or backsplash and then adding hand painted tiles in different fun ways.


Scattered tile:

Many people like to tile a backsplash or counter with a solid off-white or solid color Mexican tile, then scatter Decorative Tiles in randomly or in patterns.


Symmetrical Placement:

Others like to keep to a simple, elegant border, or create a central “mural” or pattern within the solid color or BOTH! 


Solid Color:

Simply covering a wall or countertop with solid color, neutral or washed tile is an elegant look by itself, or you can add a full width, half width or DOUBLE width border, just in the backsplash or all the way around. Then use solid colored trim tile to finish all the edges. Add a dash of color with a solid colored or decorative hand painted sink!


See even more ideas on our GALLERY page.

Play around with ideas! There is a world of interior design possibilities inside your own head—liberate them!

Next blog: designing stair risers using Mexican Talavera Tile!

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