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Using Earth Tone Mexican Tiles in Kitchen and Bath Design

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

Earth tone Mexican Tiles:


Perhaps you are someone who just isn’t crazy about a whole lot of bright color in your kitchen or bath, or maybe you’re trying to match an existing earth tone color. I have several friends who are constantly looking for new ways to decorate around these colors. Well, don't despair! Mexican Tile Designs has (maybe surprisingly!) lots of subdued earth toned tiles and sinks to choose from.

Each of our three lines: Traditional, Especial, and Prima, all some solids and patterns in warm browns and yellows.

Like our Prima line , it has several tiles that would go beautifully with tan, off-white or pale yellow walls:


Mision                                                San Miguel                                Otono

Or mix them with our lovely terra cotta or matte solid color tiles:


Café Matte                                                            Terra Cotta

Our Especial line has other slightly different shades:


Esmalta Compuesto                                               Café Claro

Amazing MTD graphic guru, Jen, played around with these and came up with a cool idea for combining them all! I like designs like this used as a mural in a shower or above a countertop.


These are just a few samples of earthtones from our Traditional line:


Caramelo                                       Vino Aztreado                               Petatillo Terra Cota

Bouquet Natural                         Lagartia Terra Cotta                           Lagartia Terra Cotta/Azul


Check out other solid color tiles in many shades of white, off white, yellow and green for each line. I'm always amazed at all the different shades of white!


You can find sinks that go well with any colors. Here's just a sampling:


Truly, the only limit is your own imagination and creativity!

Watch this blog for more design ideas and always feel free to contact us at Mexican Tile Designs. We are happy to help!

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