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Southwest Interior Design Tip: How to add Mexican tiles to stairs

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

If you really want to create a memorable feature in your home, try adding Mexican Tile to the risers of your stairway, either indoors or outdoors!

Here are some beautiful designs that may spur your own ideas:

These first three examples all start with Saltillo tile for the stairs and landing, and Talavera tile for the risers. Two of these stairways, use a single pattern of Mexican tile on all the risers, while on the third example, two different patterns are alternated on every other step.

In these next gorgeous examples, different decorative tiles within one color palette, but similar theme, are used for the risers, giving a totally different look:


While in these examples, all colors are used for a more adventurous look!



In all the above photos, 6” x 6” tiles are used on the stair risers, but you can also use 4” x 4 tiles” set on “diamond” for a totally different and lovely effect:

Another variation is to use solid color Mexican tiles between or around the decorative tiles on the risers like in the lovely examples below:

As you can see, no two stairways are alike! Each totally reflects the personality of the individual who created them.

What is YOUR style?

Imagine your own stairway work of art!

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