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How to Choose Mexican Tile for your bathroom: It all Starts with the Sink

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

With all the beautiful Talavera tile and sinks to choose from, we understand that decision-making can be both fun and challenging. Choosing the perfect hand-painted pattern is like curating your own miniature museum. We had so much fun choosing Mexican Talavera sinks and tiles for our new home, but even for us it sometimes seemed intimidating! Mexican Tile Designs has over 94 different gorgeous sinks to choose from (and over 700 tile patterns!).

How to choose?

Since the sink is really the centerpiece of the project, we chose to focus on that decision first. We found that the decisions we made on the sink, drove all other decisions about color and pattern of tile for the vanity and the rest of the room.

The first decision was solid color or pattern. We personally can't resist patterned sinks so we started there and then chose tile accordingly. Another deciding factor was what shape and size of sink would be best for each room: big, little, round, oval, rectangular, above counter (vessel) or nestled into the tile vanity. This MTD graphic showing shape, size and profile was really helpful:

Once you choose the sink, then color and pattern choices of tile become much easier. Everyone who visits our home always loves our sinks! We hope you have as much fun choosing your beautiful sinks as we did!


Check out our Gallery and Design Ideas for more examples, or call us call free at 1-866-320-1628, we're always glad to help!

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