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Amazing Ways That Mexican Tile Transforms Kitchens

Posted by Andrew Kayner on

There is no doubt that Mexican tile adds an amazing level of color and style to a kitchen. It has the unique ability to take any kitchen from simple monochromatic to dynamic and interesting.

Let me introduce you to three ways that professional designers use Mexican tile to truly transform kitchens.

Wainscoting & Chair Rails

I am certain you have seen the popularity of this technique on TV shows such as Property Brothers and Fixer Upper on the popular HGTV network. Kitchens in general are very utilitarian areas of a house. Mexican Tile chair railCabinets are all the same, a refrigerator, stove and walls; frankly very uninteresting to the eye. Kitchens need an element of surprise to excite and delight our senses. That’s exactly what wainscoting does. It transforms an ordinary wall by dividing it into two distinct areas, it breaks up the monotony of long boring areas. It simply surprises and delights your senses. As well, it provides an extra level of durability for smaller rooms that chairs may nudge against the walls and leave marks.

Mexican Tile wainscoting

Wainscoting works best in kitchens that have a decent amount of blank space, usually a long wall or the table nook area. Take a look at your kitchen and focus on the boring parts of it. It takes a minute to do this, because your senses simply like to pass over “boring”.

Pro Tip: Use a solid color tile or subway tile for the majority of the wall, then use
a decorative tile for the top line and a complimentary border tile to finish it. Really want to add pizazz? Try intermixing plant or animal tiles in your design


One of the most common enhancements that spice up a kitchen, it adds durability and wear-ability to the most high-traffic area of the kitchen. The challenge is not Mexican Tile Backsplash just adding a backsplash, but how to make a truly unique backsplash that transforms the room.

Our advice…go big! No, we don’t mean large tiles, we mean covering the entire backsplash area from under the cabinets, up the wall by the sink area with a variety of decorative tile. Most backsplashes are the same tile, over and over again. But mixes of patterns truly transform. The colors are complimentary and their highlights actually tie in other elements of the kitchen, such as cabinets and countertops.

Mexican Tile Backsplash Mexican Tile Backsplash

Pro Tip:
If decorative tiles is not your “slice of pie” try using solid color tiles and mixing in decorative tiles in the pattern, such as plant and animal tiles or if you really want a fascinating backsplash…go for the day of the dead tiles.


Take a look behind your stovetop, what’s there? Something interesting that draws your eye to it? Excites your senses? Tells a story? Puts you in a place far away or a long time ago? This is the power of a mural. Murals have the uncanny ability to tell a story filled with wonder and intrigue. Mexican Tile MuralThere is no better place in a kitchen for a mural than behind the stove top. Look through our selection of murals and find one that tells a story about you. It could be places you have been, your ancestry or just something that you have always loved, such as a beautiful bouquet of lilies or an undersea scene. You’ll be amazed at the feeling that a mural brings every time you are in front of it. When guests visit your home, you have a wonderful conversation piece.

Pro Tip: Choose a mural and a complimentary border for the mural. It’s important to measure the size of your stove top area and find a mural that fits appropriately in size. It’s find to add a single row of border tiles, or if necessary two rows of subway tile. Visit YouTube for a video on how to trim a mural.

More ideas? – head over to our photo galleries for some inspiration or visit our Pintrest and Houzz pages .

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